What Happens If I Don't Get a Root Canal?

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The mere mention of a root canal is enough to make some people involuntarily cringe. But people who have had a root canal know that it’s really nothing to fret over. Delaying or trying to avoid a root canal is another matter entirely, as serious complications can develop. If you’re nervous about this procedure, discuss your concerns with your dentist. He or she may suggest IV sedation, which puts you in a deep state of relaxation throughout the treatment.

Worsening Pain
Root canals have an undeserved reputation. They don’t cause pain, since patients are thoroughly numbed and possibly sedated. Rather, they relieve pain. Your dentist has recommended this procedure because the inner pulp of a tooth has become badly damaged or infected. The damage is too deep to be repaired with a simple cavity—and the problem won’t resolve itself. The only way to resolve the infection and save your tooth is to get the treatment you need. Without it, you’ll experience worsening tooth pain and tooth sensitivity, both of which can make good nutrition challenging.

Oral Abscess
An oral abscess is a severe, localized infection. It results in a swollen bump, which contains infected pus. Abscesses are usually quite painful. If you develop an unusual taste in your mouth, it’s likely because the abscess has started to drain. A draining abscess can reduce the pain, but the infection won’t go away without treatment.

Systemic Infection
It’s quite possible for an oral infection to spread if a root canal is delayed too long. If the infection enters the bloodstream, it can travel to vital organs like the heart, lungs, and brain. This systemic infection is called septicemia. In very severe cases, it can be life-threatening.

Tooth Loss
Root canals are performed not only to correct the infection, but also to save a tooth. If you don’t get treatment for the problem, you can expect to have a gap in your smile where the tooth used to be.

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