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Gum disease continues to be a widespread problem, despite the fact that it’s usually simple to avoid. It helps to recognize the symptoms and causes so you can set up an appointment and treatment plan with your dentist. Here’s a look at some gum disease FAQs:

What are the symptoms?
The sooner you notice the symptoms of gum disease, the sooner you can let your dentist know. Gum disease is usually characterized by the same set of symptoms, which makes it somewhat easy to identify. People with this oral health condition will notice that their gums are particularly red, and they might be noticeably swollen. Gums might be sensitive to temperature or even bleed when you brush your teeth. If your gums are receding from your teeth, your gum disease might have been developing for a while, so see your dentist as soon as possible.

How does it occur?
Not everyone is at the same level of risk for gum disease. If you smoke or use tobacco products, have a history of gum disease in your family, or take certain types of medications, you might be more vulnerable than the average person. On the other hand, one of the most important risk factors is neglecting your dental hygiene. Failing to brush and floss your teeth allows plaque to form on them. Once this plaque builds up enough and aggravates your gums, gum disease may be the result.

Can my dentist help?
Many people are unaware that gum disease is a reversible condition. If you see your dentist as soon as you notice symptoms and commit to taking better care of your teeth and gums, you may be able to return your smile back to normal without too much trouble. Your dentist can also offer specific treatments for more advanced cases.

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