Aging and Tooth Decay

While tooth decay can occur at any age, your dentist can tell you that older people are often at greater risk of tooth decay. If you are concerned about age-related dental problems, schedule regular visits to your dentist serving Columbus, Ohio to monitor your dental health. Meanwhile, watch this video to find out more about the way our teeth and gums can change over time.

Dentists can tell you that gums can recede with age, exposing part of the tooth root. The root is covered in a tissue called cementum, which is more vulnerable to infection and decay than the harder plaque. Damage to the cementum can also be more complicated to treat. In addition, old dental work may develop cracks or fissures, which can leave teeth more susceptible to decay. To keep your teeth healthy for life, brush twice and floss once daily and book regular appointments with your dentist.

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