Common Patient Questions About the Six-Month Smiles System

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You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about your smile, or the means you’re taking to correct it. That’s why the Six-Month Smiles program is such a crucial addition to the industry of family dentistry. Using barely visible adult braces, your dentist can straighten your teeth to create the perfect smile you’ve always desired. Here are answers to some of the common questions patients have about this program.

How Can My Teeth Be Straightened in Such a Short Amount of Time?
Dentists use the latest techniques to gently and effectively move the teeth to a straighter position in the mouth. This process focuses on the cosmetic quality of your smile, rather than correcting your bite. While continuing to use routine orthodontic practices, foregoing this concern shortens the process of creating a more beautiful smile.

How Exactly Can My Teeth Be Straightened Without Metal?
The beauty of the Six-Month Smile program is the absence of clunky, ugly metal braces. Nearly invisible braces work to straighten your teeth just as effectively as regular braces. Your dentist can determine if you’re the best candidate for the program, but most adults are. If you’re unconcerned with correcting your bite, or it’s not a serious problem, then the Six-Month Smile program is for you.

Will It Hurt or Damage My Teeth?
The Six-Month Smile procedure uses low force to move your teeth quickly and gently. With this technology, there is actually less risk in damaging your teeth or roots than with traditional adult orthodontics. Consult your dentist to learn more about any risks associated with invisible braces and the Six-Month Smile program.

At Oak Creek Dental Care in Columbus, OH, we strive to give our patients every opportunity at the best smile. Using invisible braces, we’ll have your smile ready in six months at less cost than other corrective procedures. Call us at (614) 882-5525 for a free consultation. We can’t wait to join you on your journey to a new smile!

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