The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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When it comes to straightening crooked teeth, most people think of the cosmetic benefits. However, in addition to looking good, having straight teeth can also be beneficial for your oral health. That is why more and more dentists are recommending that even adult patients consider getting treatment for crooked teeth. If you’re considering talking to your dentist about your tooth misalignments, take a look at the following benefits that having straight teeth can offer.

Better Oral Hygiene
If your teeth are crooked or widely spaced, or if you have a malocclusion, then you’re not getting your teeth as clean as you could. Misalignments interfere with your ability to floss and brush your teeth completely, since some of the surfaces of your teeth may be obscured. Teeth that are widely spaced leave your gums vulnerable to damage. Not being able to maintain a complete oral hygiene routine could leave you making multiple trips to the dentist for tooth decay or gum disease.

Fewer Digestion Issues
You may not think about the role your dentist plays in your digestive health, but your teeth have one of the first jobs when it comes to breaking down your food. When you have bite issues, you may not be able to chew your food properly. This can lead to swallowing pieces of food that are too large, which in turn can cause problems in your digestive system.

Less Pain
Tooth misalignments can lead to a variety of painful symptoms. Some bite issues can force teeth into soft tissue, such as bottom teeth that press into the roof of the mouth, which leads to irritation. In other cases, malocclusions are associated with jaw pain. Straightening your teeth may alleviate these issues.

If you want straighter teeth, talk to your dentist at Oak Creek Dental Care in Columbus, Ohio, about your options. Our dentists offer adult orthodontics to help you improve your smile and your oral health. To make an appointment, call (614) 682-8345.

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