Pateint Spotlight: My 6 Month Smile Journey

Kelly Fry 6 Month Smile Progress

I have always wanted to have the gaps in my front teeth and the crowding of my lower teeth fixed. Growing up I had a gap between my front teeth and they stuck out.  I had the nickname of “Bucky” by a few kids in the neighborhood, so I was embarrassed to smile.  When I was 11 my step brother threw a cue ball at me and broke both my front teeth.  This was a blessing in disguise, as my dentist was able to close the gap I had, and limit the degree that the teeth stuck out with bonding.  Although the front looked much better, I still had wide gaps between the teeth on both sides, and horrible crowding of my bottom teeth, so I still didn’t feel comfortable with my smile. 

I had always thought that braces would not be an option for me because of my age and the cost. After doing some research on braces, I realized that people of all ages were getting different forms of braces. With the many different payment options available today, it was not out of my reach financially either. I choose 6 Month Smiles because of the short time frame, effectiveness and affordable cost. 

My first visit was to just have Dr. McDuffee look at my teeth to see if I was a candidate and to discuss the process. I was very excited to find out that I was able to take this route! The second visit was to take the impression of my teeth. It was a little awkward having the impression material in my mouth, but was over pretty quickly. Two short weeks later was my appointment to have the braces put on!  The whole process only took about an hour and it was not uncomfortable for me at all. 

Check back for updates on my smile journey process! I can't wait to see my final results!


Until next time,



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