4 Everyday Habits That Dull Your Bright, White Smile

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As your family dentist will tell you, simply using your teeth daily will eventually cause them to lose their natural whiteness. However, there are several habits that expedite the process of tooth discoloration. Avoid these four habits that dull your smile:

Using Tobacco Products 
Smoking cigarettes or cigars or using chewing tobacco is a quick and easy way to stain your teeth. Tobacco stains your teeth in two ways. The toxic ingredients in tobacco, mainly nicotine and tar, directly stain and yellow the teeth. Tobacco use also decreases the amount of saliva in the mouth, leaving the teeth vulnerable to decay and further discoloration.

Drinking Coffee
Coffee is usually thought of as a staining agent because of its dark color. This is only partly true—the acids in coffee also increase its ability to permeate your tooth’s enamel, causing yellow or brown stains. Speak with your dentist to determine your personal risk for coffee-related tooth stains.

Consuming Natural Dyes
Beverages containing natural dyes and acids have an intense ability to stain the teeth. These include tea, wine, soda, and sports drinks. Red wine is severely detrimental to your teeth’s whiteness, and white wine, soda, tea, and sports drinks all contribute to tooth discoloration as well.

Eating Staining Foods
Acidic beverages are not the only culprits when it comes to dulling smiles—certain foods can play a role in fading bright, white teeth as well. Your dentist may have mentioned avoiding dark berries, grapes, and pomegranates, but soy sauce, curry, tomato sauce, popsicles, and hard candies can also dull your teeth.

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