Why You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth

Dentist Columbus Whether you lost one or more of your teeth due to decay, trauma, or another cause, restoring them in some way offers many benefits. Keep reading to learn why dentists advise their patients to replace their missing teeth.

The most obvious reason to replace your missing teeth is to restore the beauty of your smile. Lost teeth leave behind large spaces, and when they are in a visible area, these gaps can drastically affect your smile and overall appearance. For many people, dental implants and other options for replacing missing teeth offer them a way to feel confident about showing off their smile once again.

Just 1 missing tooth can decrease your overall dental function and make it more difficult to chew, bite, speak, and drink, and the more teeth that you’ve lost, the worse the effects. Replacing your missing teeth with bridges, dentures, or dental implants can provide you with better comfort and convenience by restoring your dental function.

Missing teeth can impact your oral health in several ways. First, when missing teeth aren’t replaced, nearby teeth can drift out of place and into the gaps that are left behind. As teeth drift out of their proper position, they become unevenly spaced and crooked. This effect can impact the look of your smile, but also make it harder to keep your teeth clean. This problem can promote gingivitis and tooth decay. Also, as teeth drift, their root structure can be exposed. Without the protection of gums or enamel, these parts of teeth become more vulnerable to cavities. Finally, missing teeth can affect your dental bite and promote TMJ dysfunction, along with headaches, jaw discomfort, and facial pain. To help protect your dental health, function, and aesthetics, speak with your dentist about options for replacing your missing teeth.

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