A Look at the Stages of Gum Disease

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Gum disease can affect anyone. Knowing about the different stages of gum disease can help you figure out how to spot it and treat it to avoid major oral health issues. Use this guide to learn about the different stages of gum disease.

The initial stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. This develops when plaque and bacteria build up along the gum line. Without the proper attention, this buildup can lead to inflammation that causes an infection. People with gingivitis might notice red, tender, swollen, or bleeding gums. If you see any of these signs when you brush or floss your teeth, it is important to schedule a deep cleaning with your dentist. Gum disease at this stage can be reversed before it reaches a more serious stage.

If you do not care for your gingivitis, it will progress to periodontitis. This stage of gum disease occurs when bacteria start to attack the bones and fibers that keep your teeth in place. The infection can cause the formation of pockets beneath the gum line where more plaque and bacteria can accumulate, which makes the infection even worse. If you visit your dentist to get the treatment you need, you can prevent periodontitis from getting any worse.

Advanced Periodontitis
When periodontitis is left to progress, it will eventually become advanced periodontitis. If the gum disease reaches this level, it completely destroys the fibers and bones that are holding the teeth in place. Without this support, the teeth are likely to move out of place or fall out completely.

If you suspect that you have gum disease, the dentists at Oak Creek Dental Care can help. We can help you diagnose and treat periodontal disease so that it does not rob you of your natural teeth. We also offer general, preventative, and cosmetic dentistry services to ensure that you have a healthy and beautiful smile. To learn more about our Columbus dental services or to schedule an appointment, call (614) 682-8345.

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