What Is Twilight Sedation?

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If you have a fear of going to the dentist, you might not care for your teeth and gums as much as you should. Twilight sedation can help you get the care you need without the negative emotional reaction you normally experience. This sedation can quell your anxiety to help you get the treatments that you need to maintain your oral health. Keep reading to learn more about twilight sedation and how it simplifies your journey toward a healthy smile:

Sedation while Conscious
Twilight sedation is usually used for short, simple procedures. This form of anesthesia sedates a patient without knocking them out. Many patients can still answer questions while sedated. If you get twilight sedation, you will remain conscious during your dental procedures, but you will feel completely relaxed. You might not remember anything that happened during the procedure, which helps you conquer your dental fear for future visits.

Low Dosage Drugs
The anesthesiologist often uses the same drugs that he or she would use in general anesthesia, but administers much lower doses. The drugs start to work quickly and can be reversed quickly. As soon as your procedure is complete, the dentist can easily wake you up.

No Side Effects from the Medication
Twilight sedation does not require the same recovery period as general anesthesia. Since the drugs are administered in such low doses, they do not usually cause uncomfortable side effects like vomiting, nausea, or dizziness that many people experience after general anesthesia. Throughout the twilight sedation procedure, the dental team closely monitors patients to ensure that they remain relaxed without falling into deeper levels of sedation.

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