Top Causes of Dental Anxiety In Adult Patients

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Going to the dentist on a regular basis can aid oral health. By maintaining biannual checkups, patients can avoid problems such as tooth decay or gum disease, which can cause widespread complications if left untreated. However, dental anxiety often prevents individuals from seeking the professional help for optimal dental wellness. The following causes of dental anxiety highlight the most common reasons why people forego the care they need.

Space Concerns
Though teeth and gums play a big role in health, they take up little space in the body. As a result, dentists must get close to their patients to evaluate the state of their oral health. A dental examination or treatment procedure demands that a dentist sit only inches from those undergoing care. For many people, this proximity exceeds their comfort level. As a result, they avoid encounters that may require this type of intimacy between dentist and patient.

Needle Phobia
Some people avoid all healthcare-related appointments due to their trepidation of needles. When a patient requires a filing or root canal, though, a needle injection may be necessary to suppress the feeling of pain. The temporary discomfort of getting an injection is often a compelling enough reason for those who require dental treatment to ignore their oral health needs.

Discomfort Avoidance
When at-home oral hygiene needs are met and regular dental checkups are given, many people can enjoy good dental health. If tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral problems are found, though, treatment may be necessary to rectify the issue. In many cases, either the procedure or painkilling medication given for it can bring on uncomfortable side effects, including numbness or wooziness. These side effects may persuade a person to delay treatment for a pressing dental problem.

Is dental anxiety stopping you from enjoying the oral health you deserve? If so, call Oak Creek Dental Care in Columbus, Ohio at (614) 882-5525. Our sedation dentistry techniques can help anxious patients receive the treatment they need for beautiful teeth and gums.

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