Understanding the Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

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Regular dental visits are essential to prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. They can also provide a wide range of cosmetic services, including porcelain veneers and orthodontic treatment. Did you know, though, that your dentist could help you avoid oral cancer as well? With an oral cancer screening, he can see to it that you remain healthy and free of cancerous growths in and around your mouth.

Early Detection
Were you ever positive that you didn’t have any cavities only to have your dentist find one at your biannual checkup? In the same way, your dentist can find suspicious tumors that you cannot see or feel on your own. A dentist receives training not only to treat cavities and periodontal disease, but also to identify signs of oral cancer. Keeping up with your dental checkups is one of the most effective ways to stay proactive about your oral health, as your dentist can alert you to potential problems before they become more significant.

More Effective Treatment
Just as a small cavity may warrant only a filling instead of a root canal, a small cancerous growth may need less invasive treatment. Oral cancer screenings are important because if a growth is found while still contained to the mouth, treatment for it may more easily rid the site of cancer. The longer that any type of cancer grows unchecked, the greater the risk of expansion beyond the mouth, which may necessitate more aggressive cancer care.

Lifestyle Suggestions
Oral cancer is often the result of particular lifestyle activities. For instance, time spent outdoors can leave the lips vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays that can cause cancer. Excessive drinking and smoking habits can also increase the risk of this disease. Upon getting an oral cancer screening, your dentist can discuss behaviors that may be increasing your danger of disease and suggest ways to modify them.

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