Preparing for a Root Canal Procedure

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Mild tooth decay often requires only a filling. If a cavity breaches the interior of the tooth, though, your dentist may determine that root canal surgery is necessary. A root canal entails the extraction of the infected tissues, including blood vessels and nerves, which reside inside the tooth. By removing the diseased tissues and sealing the tooth interior, your dentist can preserve your tooth and prevent the need for tooth extraction.

Before Your Treatment
Root canal surgery is a common procedure that a dentist can typically complete in a single office visit. Because the dentist must access the interior of the tooth, though, he must first administer pain relief aids. Before you undergo a root canal, discuss your sedation dentistry options with your dentist. With the proper medications, you can undergo painless treatment. If you experience dental anxiety, your dentist can also administer I.V. sedation to relax you prior to the commencement of your root canal.

During Root Canal Surgery
Once you are comfortable and ready for treatment, your root canal can begin. During the procedure, you might feel some pressure as your dentist cleans the interior of your tooth. When the tooth is free of bacteria and damaged tissue, your dentist can then fill it with a durable material that will help it retain its strength. To prevent the growth of new bacteria in the tooth and safeguard it from future cracks, your dentist can also apply a crown. After the crown is in place, your root canal is complete.

After Your Dental Care
It may take some time for the effects of your pain relief aids to wear off. Depending on your needs, your dentist may send you home with additional pain medication. He may also instruct you to eat on the other side of your mouth until any sensitivity stemming from your root canal subsides. Proper oral hygiene, including daily brushing and flossing, is likewise important to keep your tooth free of future decay and crown protected from damage.

A chronic toothache is often the sign of advanced tooth decay. To get the treatment and pain relief you deserve, call Oak Creek Dental Care at (614) 682-8345. Our Columbus, Ohio team of dental professionals can see to it that you enjoy healthy and glowing teeth.

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