What Are the Worst Habits for Your Teeth?

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Because of enamel’s inherent strength, some people may mistakenly assume that it can withstand virtually any activity with no harm. On the contrary, you can easily damage your teeth through common behaviors. Talk to your dentist if you find yourself unable to stop these habits on your own. Your dentist can recommend strategies to quit these activities for your ultimate dental health.

Smoking Cigarettes
Tobacco usage can increase your chances of getting several types of cancer and raise your heart disease risk. In addition to these serious complications, smoking can also cause great harm to your teeth. Along with the dark stains that smoking may leave on your enamel, it can damage your gums, which may compromise the health and stability of your teeth.

Drinking Soda
Many people reach for a soft drink with lunch or dinner. If you count yourself among these individuals, you may be causing significant damage to your teeth. Tooth enamel deteriorates when put into contact with acidic substances. Soda is an acidic fluid which, when washed over the teeth, can break down the enamel.

Using Your Teeth as Tools
Your teeth have two important roles—they make it possible for you to eat food and articulate words. You should refrain from using your teeth for other tasks. Using your teeth to tear open bags or twist bottle caps can cause damage and may even lead to a broken tooth.

Sucking on Candy
Is candy a common indulgence? If so, you may be putting your teeth at risk for widespread tooth decay. Sugar is a main component of candy, and this ingredient is particularly harmful to tooth enamel. Once it joins with the bacteria already in your mouth, sugar can erode enamel and produce cavities. If you must snack throughout the day, try fresh vegetables that are naturally low in sugar and high in the vitamins and minerals you need to have a healthy smile.

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