Why You Should Consider Professional Whitening Over Store-Bought Whitening Kits

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If you want a smile that makes you feel attractive and confident, you may want to consider teeth whitening. Habits such as smoking and drinking coffee can cause your teeth to lose their natural luster, but whitening can help you achieve a brilliant gleam. If you’re wondering why you should get your teeth whitened professionally by a dentist instead of doing at it home, consider these reasons:

  • Professional whitening is much more effective.
    While store-bought whitening kits are convenient, you may not get the results you desire. Whitening strips may not give you the whiteness you’d like, requiring you to buy more kits and repeat the process multiple times before you are satisfied. This can be annoying and costly. Custom whitening trays are much more effective and can give you your desired results much more quickly.
  • Store-bought whitening kits only whiten the front teeth.
    Unlike custom whitening trays that whiten all your teeth, the home whitening strips only work on the front teeth. This may not sound so bad at first, but you will probably notice the color contrast after prolonged use of store-bought whiteners.
  • Store-bought whitening kits can be difficult (and sometimes painful) to use.
    Store-bought whitening strips can be hard to handle due to their flimsiness, and can become dislodged, making the whitening process an exasperating endeavor. For many patients, a whitening tray system is much easier to keep in place. Additionally, whitening strips may make your teeth and gums sore. Your gums may even get chemical burns from the peroxide in the whitening strips. Many store-bought whitening strips do not contain desensitizing agents. Conversely, custom whitening trays can be used post-whitening to apply fluoride gel, which is very effective at reducing sensitivity. The less sensitive your teeth and gums are, the longer you can apply the treatment and the more effective it will be.

Columbus, Ohio-based Oak Creek Dental Care offers take-home whitening trays for the convenience of home treatment combined with the comfort and effectiveness of professional whitening. Call us at (614) 882-5525 for more information.

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