3 Steps You Can Take to Ensure a Great Dental Checkup


Most people dislike going to the dentist because they don’t want to hear bad news about their teeth. If you can relate to this dilemma, read through the following article. You’ll find tips that will help ensure a positive dental checkup every time.

Brush Your Teeth

Most dentists recommend brushing the teeth at least twice a day. It’s best to brush after each meal, but this isn’t always possible. In that case, some dentists recommend rinsing with water or mouthwash. However, be sure to thoroughly brush your teeth for two minutes in the morning and before bed. When brushing, hold a medium-bristled brush at a 45 degree angle and place it where the gums meet the teeth. After thirty seconds spent brushing your gums, brush the chewing surfaces for 30 seconds, and then move to the other side of the mouth and repeat the process.

Floss Daily

Brushing is important, but it doesn’t clean between the teeth or below the gum line; this is where flossing comes in. When you eat, tiny food particles get stuck between your teeth. Your saliva helps break down these food particles, but often, the acids from these particles seep into the gums. If left to fester, plaque will form, buildup, and lead to gum disease. You can prevent this by simply taking one minute out of each day to floss your teeth. If you notice blood when you floss, this could be a sign that you already have gum disease, so consult with your dentist right away.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Lastly, by visiting your dentist regularly, you can ensure that you’ll always have great dental checkups. Your dentist can offer brushing and flossing tips, professionally clean your teeth, monitor your dental health, and stop decay or gum disease in its tracks. 

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